Learning for Living

Learning for Living or LfL is delivered via a number of ‘Stop the Clock’ days throughout the school year.

During these sessions pupils will investigate a variety of diverse topics including personal well-being, bullying, understanding feelings, health issues, drugs and alcohol education, sexual health, relationships, economic and financial awareness, citizenship and study skills.

LfL can also be delivered through lessons taught in other subject areas. For example, issues around citizenship and the promotion of British values find a natural home in History lessons and economic awareness can form a part of the Maths curriculum.

These opportunities mean that, at Up Holland, we are committed to developing the whole child and look at more than just exam results as we support the pupils in our care.

For 2016/17, the ‘Stop the Clock’ days will take place on the following dates:

  • Monday 3rd Oct
  • Friday 25th Nov
  • Wednesday 25th Jan
  • Friday 3rd Mar
  • Thursday 20th Apr
  • Tuesday 18th Jun