Our Ethos and Vision

At Up Holland High School, we are committed to providing our pupils with an excellent education which prepares them for life in the 21st Century. We strive to provide a caring and nurturing environment which enables all our pupils to grow and develop throughout their learning journey. We want to support our pupils but also challenge them to be the best they can be.

Our Aims

The overall aim of our school is to enable all our pupils to achieve their full potential by the delivery of high quality teaching, targeted support, high quality resources and state of the art facilities.

We seek to achieve our aims by

  • Providing a structured programme of teaching and learning within a caring, supportive and safe community.
  • Encouraging and helping all members of our school community to strive for excellence and to achieve their maximum potential.
  • Providing a safe, secure, attractive and well-equipped physical environment which is conducive to learning and to the social, emotional, cultural and intellectual development of our pupils.

Our Values

We value the following attributes and aim to develop a lifelong love of learning as well as supporting the development of well-rounded young people ready to face the challenges of life beyond the school. We strive to ensure that our pupils will;

  • Acquire social, academic and practical skills which will be of lasting value in their lives
  • Develop qualities of mind, imagination, feeling and spirit
  • Develop their understanding and sense of British, democratic values.
  • Develop a sense of responsibility for themselves and compassion for those less fortunate than themselves
  • Develop self-confidence and use initiative
  • Appreciate and share in the wide range of human achievement in arts, science and technology
  • Develop an increased level of literacy, numeracy and oral expression
  • Develop a lively curiosity about the world around them and acquire some understanding of it
  • Develop respect for, and understanding of, other peoples, languages and cultures
  • Acquire knowledge and understanding of our society and its historical and cultural past
  • Have practical experience of identifying, defining and solving problems in a variety of areas
  • Appreciate the value to the individual of developing a reasoned set of attitudes and beliefs
  • Develop an respect for themselves and their bodies and an understanding of personal and social health
  • Prepare for their lives as adults, at home, at work, at leisure, as consumers and citizens.