Celebrating Success


At Up Holland we believe that it is important to reward outstanding effort and achievement in and out of lessons. We operate a reward point system to foster a culture where achievements are celebrated, praised and rewarded. Our reward system supports the school’s Behaviour Policy, which can be found in the Policies section of this website, and reinforces the school ethos and our aim to promote culture of praise and celebration within school. Pupils will be given reward points on a reward card; these points will be collated and rewards handed out during the school year.

Attainment and Progress Certificates

Congratulations to all these pupils whose grades for all subjects on the latest reports earn them certificates for the Top 5 highest attainment or greatest progress.

Year 7 March
AttainmentProgress since November
Grace Whittle M6JPEleanor Albin-Clark C4KT
Katie Moore L4DT
Erin Dudley C4KT
Rebecca Houghton M6JP
Lucy Finch M3MB
Richard Watson C5AJ
Elizabeth Gaskell L1LM
Eleanor Albin-Clark C4KT
Alexander Towler C2JS
Year 8 March
AttainmentProgress since November
Matthew Lenahan M6JPBen Fisher C2JS
Yasmin Ratcliffe S6JTMadeleine Hough S5SW
Rebecca Houghton L5CFJoel Whittington C4KT
Chloe Burgess S6JT
James Dickinson S3HU
Ayse Inel L2YW
Ellie Rigby S6JT
Year 9 March
AttainmentProgress since November
Megan Arrowsmith M5PCRachael Greep L6LB
Isabella Farren L4DTJessica Hodgson L6LB
Jessica Hodgson L6LB
Lizzie Murphy M6JP
Rachael Greep L6LB
Jessica Hampson C6HM
Madelaine Eyles L3GM
Joseph Gerrard C2JS
Year 10 March
AttainmentProgress since November
Vishal Chahwala M4AT
Mattias Lokuta S6JT
Megan Burgess L6LB
Tierney Laithwaite M1MM
Elizabeth Ryan C2JS
Shauna Kelly L4DT
Elliot Power L1LM
Mathew Langley C5AJ
Amelia Glennane L5CF
Katie Bullough L6LB
Year 11 March 
AttainmentProgress since January
Camille Houghton-Grimshaw L1LMOliver Blackburn L1LM
Matthew Littlehales C1IJ
Aaron Brown C5AJ
Grace Fieldhouse S3HU
Thomas Wilson S1MW
Chloe Hamer M5PC
Danny Hampson S3HU
James Houghton M5PC
Mahyar Ghadri M3MB