Values and ethos

At Up Holland School, we firmly believe in the development of the individual student, something that we promote through our prominent ‘Character and Culture’ programme.

This programme provides opportunities for students:

  • To develop important values
  • To make themselves more prepared to further education and attractive to future employers 

The programme focuses on five key values (LORIC) that employers consider to be most desirable:

  • Leadership 
  • Organisation 
  • Resilience 
  • Initiative 
  • Communication

Students begin to develop their LORIC values through our ‘Character and Culture’ programme. This begins in Y7 and continues through to Y11, with students completing a range of activities from an approved list. The activities can be many and varied and can be undertaken in normal lessons, in extra-curricular clubs or outside of school. The activities become more challenging as they move through the levels, with children achieving ‘Apprentice’ ‘Graduate’ and ultimately ‘Masters’ accreditation.

We believe that our Character and Culture programme provides a real opportunity for students at Up Holland to gain the EDGE when they apply to colleges, universities and for positions of responsibility and employment.