Having  studied Geography as part of the Integrated Humanities programme in years 7 and 8, pupils will study it as a separate subject from year 9 onwards.  

Year 9 Geography

In Year 9 Geography is taught as a discrete subject and there is a global citizenship focus. International links are investigated through topics such as global fashion and sport, population, settlement and tourism. There is further emphasis on geographical and enquiry skills which are required should pupils continue their study of Geography at GCSE level.

Key Stage 4 Geography

Geography is a popular option at G.C.S.E. with pupils following the AQA B Specification. The main focus of Specification B is to provide candidates with a clear overall view of the world in the first part of the 21st century and raise awareness of their responsibilities as global citizens. The course creates opportunities for both personalised and independent learning. Topics explore the urban and coastal environment and then investigate natural hazards and global tourism. There is an opportunity to use ICT and develop a range of transferrable skills such as, literacy, numeracy, problem solving, debate and discussion.

Pupils will study 4 topics in total and will sit 2 Examinations, both of which are 1 ½ hours long. They will also complete 2 pieces of Controlled Assessment which accounts for 25% of the final mark. Both Foundation and Higher tier examination are available with allows candidates to sit an examination that is most suited to their ability.