ICT is a resource to help all pupils to reach their full potential in learning across the whole curriculum. The aim is to develop their capability and confidence in using ICT, giving them transferable skills that they can use in future education, the workplace and everyday life.

At Key Stage 3 each pupil in Year 8 and 9 has a one hour ICT lesson per week. Year 7 students currently have 2 one hour lessons. There is an understanding that e-safety is essential and we integrate this across the curriculum to ensure students have the skills and information required to stay safe online.

Key Stage 3

At Key Stage 3 all pupils cover a full range of ICT. Students cover traditional skill building topics using Microsoft Office applications. They also use Scratch and Small Basic programming software to create simple animations and games.

Key Stage 4

Core – Cambridge Nationals

This is a vocationally-related qualification that takes an engaging, practical and inspiring approach to learning and assessment. The everyday use of ICT, from PCs to smartphones, now impacts all of our lives. This course reflects this and provides students with a solid understanding of the subject which they can use in their working lives. Three themes are covered: business information systems, creative and technical.

AQA – GCSE Information and Communication Technology:

GCSE Information and Communication Technology helps students develop their knowledge of current and emerging technologies, a range of ICT tools and techniques and society’s use of ICT. This specification requires students to develop their ability to work collaboratively.

The Full Course is made up of one externally assessed examination worth 40 per cent of the qualification and two controlled assessment units worth 30 per cent each.

AQA – GCSE Business and Communications:

This qualification teaches students about the organisation of a business and how information passes through. Employers like this qualification as it also includes administration skills that are useful with the business environment.