Key Stage 3

Schemes of work have been changed and start from Jan 2018

Timings may change slightly when other events and activities are happening within school

Pupils in KS3 are set in ability groups from Year 7, based on KS2 Maths Assessments.  Progress is monitored and reviewed on a half-termly basis using skills tests and termly using a summative test.  The new curriculum places great emphasis on understanding Mathematical concepts and processes and linking different concepts together to deepen understanding.  It also encourages pupils to make links between Mathematical concepts and functional, real-life problems.

Pupils at KS3 will be taught to GCSE level, have access to GCSE style questions and opportunity to apply skills learned to these questions.


Key Stage 4

Key Stage 4 will now start in year 9

All KS4 pupils follow the Edexcel GCSE Mathematics at Foundation or Higher Tier.

Sets 1-3:  Higher Tier (Grades 4-9)

Sets 4-6:  Foundation Tier (Grades 1-5)

How pupils are assessed

Tier Availability Method of assessment Availablity Marks Calculator allowed
Foundation/Higher Three written examinations June 240 Paper 1:  No

Paper 2:  Yes

Paper 3:  Yes

Foundation/Higher course overview

Foundation proportion Higher proportion
1 Number 28% 18%
2 Algebra 23% 33%
3 Ratio, proportion and rates of change 28% 23%
4 Geometry and measures 18% 23%
5 Probability 9% 9%
6 Statistics 9% 9%