Religious Education

Religious Education

Having studied Religious Education as part of the Integrated Humanities programme in year 7 , pupils will study it as a separate subject from year 8 onwards. At Up Holland, RE is known as PEGS.

Year 8 & 9 PEGS

In year 9 pupils are introduced to PEGS which is Philosophy, Ethics and General Studies. Pupils will study philosophical issues such as,” Where was God in World War 2?” and” What is Truth?” from religious perspectives. They will also study issues such as Crime and Punishment and explore philosophical, ethical and religious arguments relating to these issues.


KS4 PEGS is an integral part of KS4 curriculum and is studied by all pupils. They will explore a range of moral issues from a religious, philosophical and ethical perspective.

Religious Studies GCSE

As well as KS4 PEGS, pupils will be offered the GCSE Religious Studies Course as an option. They will follow the AQA syllabus B, studying both the Religion and Citizenship and Religion and Morality specifications. Pupils will study topics such as religion and drug abuse, religion and relationships, religion and work and religion and poverty. They will study these issues from various religious perspectives. The course will be assessed by two 1 ½ hour examinations at the end of KS4. There is no coursework.