This table provides details of the destinations of Up Holland High School pupils (please note: this information is based on our 2014 leavers destinations. This is most recently available data on which we are able to draw).

Pupils remaining in education or employment 
Up Holland High School leavers.96%
Lancashire average.94%
National average.94%
Below are details of the numbers of pupils who enrolled at some of our local colleges. These figures are for our 2016 leavers. Please note: these figures do not include those who may have subsequently moved to a different post-16 provider.
Popular Post-16 Destinations 
St. John Rigby College, Wigan58
Winstanley College, Wigan26
Wigan and Leigh College, Wigan8
West Lancashire College, Skelmersdale3
St. Helens College, St Helens2