School Rules


  • All pupils must endeavour to be a credit to their school, their parents and themselves at all times
  • All pupils are expected to be considerate and courteous to others, whether adults or children


  • Pupils are not permitted through red doors
  • When moving about the school, pupils must walk and keep to the left
  • The entrance hall is an area reserved for visitors, staff and prefects.  Pupils must not enter this area unless directed by a member of staff
  • On dry days during breaks pupils must leave the building until the end of break.  (Access to toilets can be made from outside)
  • Ball games are only allowed on the school field and the basketball court and should always be kept well away from the buildings, cars, windows, roads or gardens
  • Pupils requiring medical attention must report to school office.  They must not contact parent/guardian via mobile phone before reporting to office


  • Full school uniform must be worn at all times including travelling to and from school
  • Only natural hair colours are permitted.  Jewellery, badges (other than school badges), make-up, nail varnish are not to be worn by girls or boys
  • Coats must not be worn indoors and must be carried inside bags or left in pupils’ lockers


  • Pupils may bring mobile phones to school provided that phones are switched off at all times in school and that phones are security marked
  • Mobile phones must not be used in school, including their use as a camera or video
  • Pupils and parents must sign a mobile phone agreement form


  • All cases of injury or illness must immediately be reported to the school office
  • Certain items must never be brought to school.  These include:  matches, lighters, cigarettes, alcohol, glass bottles or containers, spirit marker pens, ‘liquid paper’ correction fluid, aerosols, animals, valuables or cash beyond what is needed for that day, electrical or electronic equipment (including MP3 players/ipods), or anything which could be harmful or offensive to others
  •  There are specific safety rules for all Laboratories and Practical areas.  All children will be taught these in their first lessons in those areas
  • Trading on school premises in whatever form is not allowed
  • Energy drinks including Lucozade are not permitted
  • Leaving school premises without being given permission in advance is not allowed – this includes going to the garage between the hours of 8.45am and 3.10pm throughout the school day


  • Take-away food must not be brought into school for consumption. Food, snacks, sandwiches, etc may only be consumed in the school dining rooms and nowhere else in the buildings
  • Chewing gum is not to be eaten at any time, anywhere on the school site