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Easter Newsletter

Dear Parent/Carer,

As we approach the end of our second term, I wanted to wish you and your families all the very best for the Easter period and to thank you for your on-going support.

With the current Corona outbreak there is no doubt that we are all facing new situations and challenges in our daily lives. We are all adjusting, adapting and finding new ways of working. From a schools perspective, this has seen us transition from a traditional school model into a model of home learning.

Whilst this is new territory for both school and home, I think our Google Classroom and Synergy offer is working quite well, with most students showing positive signs of adapting and coping with a new way of working. I have been particularly impressed by the way a significant number of students have supported one another by using technology to seek advice and comment on each other’s work. Similarly, students have shown confidence in interacting with class teachers which demonstrates the positive relationships that exist. Staff have also adapted, finding creative ways of working to meet the needs of individual children. Parents have also played a really significant role in supporting their children through lessons and work that in many cases will be alien to their own experience of school.

Together, as the Up Holland Family it is clear that we are all striving to do the best we can every day for the children. This reflects well on our school and the wider school community, demonstrating the strength of our partnership. We are doing all we can to minimise the disruption, and to ensure that the children still make progress whilst they are away from the traditional school setting.

I recognise that the system isn’t perfect and that we are in a period of transition and change. I would just ask that you continue to work with us and offer constructive feedback, when appropriate, so that we can refine the systems to meet more of the children’s needs on a daily basis. We accept that many families will have barriers to overcome, managing work and home life that may also include looking after and caring for other relatives. We also understand that families may have to work in a variety of different ways to enable the children to access the technology to complete the work.

We do however have to retain our high expectations of the students, getting the balance right between support and challenge. We need them to continue developing their independent skills and their resilience as this will serve them well when they return to us at Up Holland, preparing them for future tests and exams which have become increasingly demanding. With this in mind, if we feel contact with home would be beneficial to ensure all students are doing what is expected we will get in touch to support and to alleviate any issues.
Further details will follow later this week from Mrs McCann our Assistant Headteacher who is responsible for teaching and learning across school.

Other Updates

This term we have made a number of new appointments who will be joining us in September 2020, further enhancing the excellent staff team that we have created over the last few years. We also have been working hard to ensure that the school site will have further improvements at the earliest opportunity, (within the current government restrictions), to enhance the learning experience of the children.

Whilst this is not an exhaustive list, it includes:

  • The refurbishment of the remaining Science floors.
  • A new kiosk and outdoor eating area to ease queuing and improve the dining experience.
  • More outdoor benching for free association times.
  • Additional ICT spaces within existing classrooms.
  • Additional parking on site.
  • Improved signage around the school premises.
  • Refurbishment of classrooms including a painting programme and investment in new tables and chairs on a rolling programme.
  • New library area to be launched.
  • Investment in sound and lighting in the main hall to enhance performances.

The investment in school, the building and the students will continue each and every year. We are all committed to school and to improving the quality of the experience for our students, recognising that they deserve a first class education. Our pledge is therefore to remain ‘Dedicated to Excellence’ in all that we do, including successfully navigating our school community through this current challenge and being stronger and more together on the other side.

Thank you for the on-going support, enjoy the additional time with your families, and stay safe.

Mr P Scarborough