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Reminder for pupils to wear face coverings on school buses

The county council is urging pupils aged 11 and over to wear face coverings on school buses, throughout the journey, to help prevent the spread of coronavirus and keep children in school.

However following reports that many high school aged children aren't following the advice, Lancashire County Council is stressing the importance of wearing a covering on all forms of public transport including school buses.

As well as asking parents to encourage their children to wear face coverings on school transport, they can also help reduce transmission of the virus by:

  • Providing hand sanitiser for their child to use on boarding and after getting off the bus.
  • If they pay bus fare in cash, having the right coins to minimise the need to handle change.
  • Reminding their child to keep a safe distance where possible.
  • Avoiding mixing between households indoors and keep outdoor mixing as low as possible.
  • Only using public transport only for essential journeys like school, work and health appointments and try to stay and shop locally.

It is estimated that around half of pupils live within 2 miles of their school and, where they can, families are being asked to arrange for pupils to walk or cycle.

The current Switch to Cycling campaign is looking to build on an increase in people cycling during lockdown with lots of helpful information and advice for anyone thinking of cycling.

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