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Update Letter for Y7-10

Re. Update on changes to procedures Y7-10

Let me start by thanking for your unwavering support since we returned to school full time. The students have responded magnificently to the challenge and are now beginning to get back into the rhythm of being in school every day.


Just a few reminders regarding expectations that will support school in continuing to raise standards. Firstly, uniform where we have had an increased number of students attending school wearing trainers with their uniform and a number of ties seem to have gone missing! This half term break would be a good opportunity to rectify these issues so all students return wearing full uniform. School policy is no hoodies or zip type hoodies in school. The only hoody allowed is the school logoed one for PE. Similarly, the policy on no jewellery other than a wrist watch remains in place, for health and safety reasons. Conforming to these standards enables staff to have more positive conversations with students around learning and wellbeing, rather than negative conversations about rules. This in turn creates more positive and healthy relationships between staff and students which enables students to feel supported and encouraged.

Organisation of the day

When we return after half term we will be reverting back to a 4-1 day rather than a 3-2. This means that lunchtime will be from 1.30 pm until 2.10 pm, with just one lesson in the afternoon session. This is because we strongly believe this improves the learning that takes place. The change was made to 3-2 as a temporary measure reflecting the fact that we were unable to offer a break service due to Covid restrictions and felt that waiting until 1.30 pm was too long from breakfast time without potentially eating. We have now reintroduced the break service to all students, this offer will be expanded to every day when we return after the half term break, allowing the students to purchase some much-needed food and refreshments to fuel them for the day. If students are not going to use the break service then I would encourage them to bring snacks and water that they consume at break time as an alternative.

As we continue to move further down the roadmap I would like to remind parents of the need for students still to continue taking the LFT tests twice a week, this will really help us in ensuring we reduce the risk in school.

Year 10 Exams

A big congratulations to our Year 10 students who have completed a tough two weeks of exams, with two exams on most days for the majority students. They have responded positively to the challenge and acted with maturity. They have demonstrated our school LORIC values throughout and we are very proud of them for this. The results from these examinations will allow teachers to plan for the rest of this year and next, ensuring any gaps in learning following the pandemic are consolidated at individual and whole class level.

Y7-Y9 Exams 14th June – 18th June

As per the calendar, Y7-Y9 exams will take place week commencing 14th June. Year 7, 8 and 9 students will be participating in exams in most subjects, during their normal lesson times. The aim of these assessments is to assess their knowledge and understanding of the content covered this year. In addition, this will give us the opportunity to evaluate any gaps in learning and plan effectively for any catch up work required.

The exams will follow a common structure of 30 multiple choice recall questions, 5 of which will have a literacy focus, one short answer and one longer answer question. This standardised approach will enable us to identify gaps and misconceptions in order to adapt schemes of work for the remainder of this term and for the next academic year.
These exams are also an excellent opportunity for students to become more accustomed at completing assessments in more formal conditions, something we want them to feel confident and relaxed about later on in their school career. At the same time, we must stress that we do not want students to get unnecessarily worried about the exams, and we ask for your support here. Revision at home is important, but it is equally important not to over-do it. We suggest that an average of 1.5 hours of revision per night during the week before these exams ought to be plenty, in addition to continuing to work hard and being dedicated in lessons.

Yours sincerely

Mr Scarborough