Parents' Evening Booking

Once registered for the Parent Portal, parents and carers can easily book appointments for events such as Parents' Evening.

You will receive a message from school to tell you when appointments will be available. When booking opens:

  • Log in to the Parent Portal
  • Select the child you wish to book appointments for
  • Click the Parents’ Evening menu to view available events (see below)
The Synergy Parent Portal menu bar

  • Click the event you would like to make appointments for
  • Select a teacher/class.
  • Available times will be displayed. Choose a suitable time.
  • Add a note to the member of staff (optional). Click Book to confirm.
  • Repeat the process to add more appointments
Who Makes Appointments?

Depending on the event, all parents and carers may be able to book appointments. If parents are to attend together, only one parent needs to make appointments through their Parent Portal account.

Multiple Children

Parents with more than one child in  the same year can create bookings for each child and their teacher. If parents wish to split the duty so that each parent books a different teacher for the same time, they will need to do so by using their separate portal account

Editing or Cancelling Appointments

Existing appointments can be edited, cancelled and re-booked.

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