School Rules


  • All pupils must endeavour to be a credit to their school, their parents and themselves at all times
  • All pupils are expected to be considerate and courteous to others, whether adults or children


  • Pupils are not permitted through red doors
  • When moving about the school, pupils must walk and keep to the left
  • The entrance hall is an area reserved for visitors, staff and prefects. Pupils must not enter this area unless directed by a member of staff
  • On dry days during breaks pupils must leave the building until the end of break. (Access to toilets can be made from outside)
  • Ball games are only allowed on the school field and the basketball court and should always be kept well away from the buildings, cars, windows, roads or gardens
  • Pupils requiring medical attention must report to school office. They must not contact parent/guardian via mobile phone before reporting to office


  • Full school uniform must be worn at all times including travelling to and from school. School will provide uniform ie tie, blazer, shoes, on a short term loan basis, unless medical note provided. Refusal to use uniform provided will result in isolation.
  • Only natural hair colours are permitted. Jewellery, badges (other than school badges), make-up, nail varnish are not to be worn by girls or boys
  • Coats must not be worn indoors. Coats must be either left in cloakrooms, carried inside bags or left in pupils’ lockers


Mobile phones are now a feature of modern society and most of our pupils own one. Increasing sophistication of mobile phone technology presents a number of issues for schools:

  • The high value of many phones.
  • The integration of cameras into phones leading to potential child protection and data protection issues.
  • The potential to use the phone whilst on silent mode e.g. for texting.It is not realistic to prohibit phones being brought into school, nor is it logistically possible for schools to collect phones in each morning and return them in the afternoon. It is our policy to allow pupils to have a mobile phone with them in school under the conditions outlined below:
  • Phones must always be switched off (not on silent mode) and kept out of view.
  • Phones must not be used for any purpose (e.g. phoning, texting, surfing the internet, taking photos, and taking videos) once pupils enter the school premises and only until pupils have left the site. The exception to this condition is when a class teacher deems it necessary to use mobile phones for learning purposes only.
  • Phones must not be taken into examinations.
  • If a pupil breaches these rules, the phone will be confiscated. It can be returned to the pupil on the same day provided that the phone has not been used to take any images on school premises. If the mobile phone is confiscated a second time an adult (over 18) will have to collect the phone 24 hours after.
  • If a pupil needs to contact his/her parents/guardians they will be allowed to use a school phone. If a parent needs to contact his/her child urgently he/she should phone the school office and a message will be relayed to the child promptly.

Responsibility for mobile phones

  • School accepts no responsibility whatsoever for theft, loss, damage or health effects (potential or actual) relating to mobile phones. It is the responsibility of parents and pupils to ensure mobile phones are properly insured.


  • All cases of injury or illness must immediately be reported to the school office.
  • Certain items must never be brought to school. These include: matches, lighters, cigarettes, alcohol, glass bottles or containers, spirit marker pens, ‘liquid paper’ correction fluid, aerosols, animals, valuables or cash beyond what is needed for that day, electrical or electronic equipment (including MP3 players/ipods), or anything which could be harmful or offensive to others

NB There are specific safety rules for all Laboratories and Practical areas. All children will be taught these in their first lessons in those areas

  • Trading on school premises in whatever form is not allowed
  • Energy drinks including Lucozade are not permitted
  • Leaving school premises without being given permission in advance is not allowed – this includes going to the garage between the hours of 8.45am and 3.10pm throughout the school day


  • Take-away food must not be brought into school for consumption. Food, snacks, sandwiches, etc may only be consumed in the school dining rooms and nowhere else in the buildings
  • Chewing gum is not to be eaten at any time, anywhere on the school site