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We believe that this sharing of ideas and the involvement of our pupils in events and activities with other schools can only served to make Up Holland High School a more innovative and successful learning environment.

The members of the West Lancashire Partnership are as follows;

In addition to this Partnership, we have also worked closely with colleagues from Our Lady’s Catholic High School, Preston and Haslingden High School during the past year.

Up Holland High School is a member of the West Lancashire School Partnership. Originally convened to support a sustainable, collaborative model for 14-19 provision in the area, the partnership has developed significantly and has the following specific focus for 2014-2015.

Across West Lancashire, we work collaboratively to help to improve the schools in our network. We have a philosophy of sharing best practice with each other with the overarching aim of improving our schools for our local community. Our programme of School to School Support quality assures a range of different aspects of our schools with the purpose of:

  • Improving outcomes for our students
  • Improving the quality of teaching and learning over time
  • Narrowing the gap for key groups of students
  • Monitoring and evaluating behaviour and safety for learning
  • Improving the quality of self-evaluation and leadership at all levels
  • Identifying key areas of good practice and areas for improvement to inform our strategic planning across the district and our area-wide CPD programme

Examples of activities that we undertake:

  • Mini inspections focusing on the quality of teaching over time
  • No-notice behaviour and safety audits
  • Analysis of the progress and outcomes for key groups of students
  • SLT training on key aspects of school improvement

CEIAG Group (Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance)


To support the development of a managed approach to the delivery of quality CEIAG across the partnership area.


  • Maintain a self assessment and action planning approach to evaluating CEIAG delivery each year
  • Provide network/support group opportunities for curriculum planning, sharing of best practice, national picture updates
  • Keep staff up to date with changing policies/qualifications frameworks/MI/NEET and destination data for the area and for schools and to put forward details of possible implications for partner schools
  • Identify joint commissioning possibilities and put forward proposals
  • Task focused – sharing planning via a shared calendar of activities, CEIAG delivery and training to increase effectiveness and reduce duplication
  • Maintain links with Early Intervention and SEN transition processes locally and in Lancashire

CPD Group


The group consists of nominated staff from across the schools in the network who have responsibilities which are most appropriate to the remit of the group.

This group is commissioned to identify challenges and solutions for school improvement priorities and to work completely within an ethos of professional trust and support.


The proposed remit of the group is to:

  • Develop Learning and Teaching by Establishing a Professional Support Network
  • Identify shared school improvement priorities and emerging training needs
  • Provide outreach for existing Professional Development Opportunities
  • Identify training events in our schools and commit to inviting colleagues from across the partnership
  • Plan Collaborative & Bespoke Courses

As part of the work of the group we will support:

  • Subject and Faculty Network
  • This group will have with a year one focus of support and joint planning for the implementation of the revised National Curriculum.
  • Middle Leaders Network
  • This group will focus on successful leadership in order to develop colleagues and improve learning and teaching.

Curriculum Group


To ensure learners are prepared for their next steps in education, training or employment through collaborative curriculum development.


  • Model timetables and curriculum pathways
  • Explore shared groups/staff to improve curriculum opportunities
  • Monitor and report on the progress of CEIAG and SEN groups
  • Support an appropriate range of courses for personalised curriculum
  • Develop capacity and structures for foundation learning across the partnership
  • Ensure cost effectiveness of provision
  • Explore and follow changing government agendas
  • Ensure systems are in place to monitor the quality of partnership provision
  • Identify opportunities to raise awareness of developments across the partnership and meet CPD needs
  • Explore opportunities to develop accreditation for work related learning courses

SEN Group (Special Education Needs)


To promote access to a broad and balanced curriculum that is appropriate to all learners’ individual needs and abilities.


Advising on the development of appropriate curriculum

  • Supporting the progression and transition of learners
  • Identifying staff support, CPD and training needs
  • Providing a forum for the sharing of nest practice.
  • Ensure appropriate liaison between the other partnership groups.

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