Absence and Attendance

 At Up Holland High School, one of our key priorities this year is attendance. Our school target for attendance is 97% and we are striving for your child to have an attendance of 97% or higher so that they can, achieve their potential in school, to ensure they leave with the results they deserve in Year 11 and have as many choices open to them in an ever competitive world.

We have a strong attendance team who are working to support attendance improvement and in rewarding positive attendance, through weekly form group reward and certificate (by HOY), fortnightly form group reward and certificate (by Attendance Officer), fortnightly 100% attendance draw reward (by Attendance Officer), Termly 100% attendance draw for gift vouchers (by Attendance Officer), Termly attendance draw, reward for Most Improved individuals in each year group (by Attendance Officer). Annual 100% Attendance Certificate and reward (by Attendance Officer and HOY.

Please be aware that attendance is monitored and attendance below 97% will mean your child may not be able to attend rewards trips and other events within the school academic year. This will be judged on an individual basis but unauthorised absences are a concern. As a school we want to work with you to improve your child’s attendance so that they are succeeding in school. Every child matters and we want to help everyone to succeed by supporting excellent attendance. If they aren’t in school then they are missing valuable work. Attendance every day is crucial.

If you have any queries please contact school on 01695 625191 and ask for a member of the Attendance Team/Pastoral Manager or Head of Year.

Member of StaffRole
Ms Rachel Bond
Director of Student Support –
Senior Leader Attendance/Behaviour & Safeguarding
Mrs L Lowery
Attendance Officer
Miss Rebecca Baldwin
Attendance Admin Assistant
Mrs S Moncrieff
Attendance Improvement Worker
Mrs R Carty Pastoral Manager - Y7
Mr D Wise
Pastoral Manager - Y8
Mr D Hurst Pastoral Manager - Y9
Mrs M Davidson
Senior Pastoral Manager – Y10 & Y11
Mrs D Preston
Head of Year 7
Mrs L Atkinson
Head of Year 8
Mr S Priestley
Head of Year 9 – Head of Lower School
Mrs K Wood
Head of Year 10 – Head of Upper School
Mrs J Corner
Head of Year 11