School Synergy Parent Portal

We have recently introduced School Synergy at Up Holland High School. This system helps manage and report on many aspects of school life including behaviour, homework, attendance and communication.

We invite you to create a new Parent Portal Account so that you can view information tailored for your child. For our launch you will be able to view parent letters, school calendar/events, student timetables and behaviour. The behaviour module provides a real time view displaying positive comments and points awarded as well as informing you where aspects of behaviour may be limiting progress.

Our vision is that School Synergy becomes the single access point for Parents and Carers providing up to date school news and information, a place to communicate and engage with school and the ability to track the progress and development of your child as it happens.

The Student Code is unique to you and your child. Each parent/carer or family member who wish to have access must use their own Student Code. Contact school if you wish for another family member to have access to School Synergy.

If you have multiple children at school you can add those accounts later from the Students menu.

Registering a Parent Portal Account

1. Go to
2. Click on the Parent Registration button
3. Complete the fields using the unique Student Code (this is stated on your registration letter)
4. You will be sent a verification email. Check your email (and spam folder) and click the link to verify.

Adding Another Child to Your Account

If you have more than one child at school, they can be easily added to the Parent Portal. Once you are logged into the Parent Portal, select Students from the menu.

Use the code from your child’s registration letter and their date of birth to add children to your account. Please note that Student Codes are unique and can only be registered to the parent or carer specified. They cannot be shared or given to another person. Contact your school if you have not been issued with a code for your child.

If you require any assistance, please contact the school office.