Modern Foreign Languages

The MFL department is staffed by a team of 5 subject specialists who have expert knowledge and are enthusiastic in their teaching.

The MFL department aims to promote the study of Foreign Languages (French and Spanish) by making them interesting, enjoyable, relevant, accessible and challenging to all pupils.

All pupils in Y7 are taught Spanish for 2 hours per week and set 1 also study 1 hour of French.

In Y8 and Y9, sets 2 and 3 have 3 lessons of French per week whereas the two set 1 groups continue to have 2 lessons of Spanish and also 2 lessons of French. Some pupils in Y9 follow an alternative European Studies Curriculum, developing transactional skills and cultural awareness.

Since Foreign Languages became optional at KS4, the majority of pupils every year have opted to continue their study of a Foreign Language and a small number of pupils opt to study 2 Languages to GCSE level.

At KS3, pupils develop their communication skills and cultural awareness of the countries where the target language is used. The study of a Foreign Language also boosts our pupils’ awareness of their own language and supports their Literacy skills.

In year 7 pupils cover the topics of Self, Family and Hobbies. They learn how to use everyday language for communication in the classroom and by the end of year 7 pupils are able to give simple opinions and details about themselves and others.

In year 8 pupils explore the topics of School, Town and Healthy Lifestyles. By the end of year 8, pupils are able to use the past, present and future tenses and can give more detailed opinions on a range of topics.

In year 9 pupils study the topic of Holidays, then consolidate their general knowledge of the target language in order to gain a valuable head start for their GCSE course, as it is expected that most pupils will choose to study a Modern Foreign Language at KS4.

Pupils who have only studied French as their Foreign Language can choose GCSE French. Pupils who have studied French and Spanish can choose to study one or both of these languages to GCSE level.

The MFL department follows the new AQA 1-9 syllabus. It is split into 3 themes: Identity and Culture; Local, National, International and Global Areas of Interest; Current and Future Study and Employment. At the end of the course, pupils sit an examination in Speaking, Reading, Writing and Listening. Amongst an excellent amount of resources and support, our pupils have access to Kerboodle, a digital version of the AQA approved textbooks.

We run a French trip to Paris every year for pupils in year 10 who are studying French and a trip to Barcelona for pupils taking Spanish.

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