Design Technology

The DT Department at Up Holland deliver Timbers, Systems and Control, Food Preparation and Nutrition, Health and Social Care.

Timbers, Polymers, Metals, Systems & Control and Paper & Card

At KS3 Resistant Materials is studied as part of the Design Technology rotation in Years 7, 8 and 9. Resistant Materials encourages pupils to be able to design and make products with creativity and originality, using a range of materials and techniques often including CAD and CAM with our laser cutter. Skills and topics covered include; analysis and research in existing products, marking out and cutting, joining of materials, finishing materials, vacuum forming, designing solutions and shading and rendering. For the Design and Make activity the theme can alter to suit pupil interest and recent product innovations. Our KS3 course has been designed to enable pupils to move smoothly forward on to KS4 GCSE.

At KS4 we offer Design Technology: Timbers and systems & control AQA. This specification encourages pupils to actively engage in the processes of design and technology to develop as effective and independent learners. Both options cover the same core knowledge and Maths needed for the GCSE and work in the same way. There are two units. Unit 1 is worth 50% and is a written examination. For this unit pupils develop a working knowledge of materials and components, design and market influences, sustainability of design, designing, evaluation, sustainability and health and safety issues. Unit 2 is worth 50% and is designing and making in practice for which pupils choose a theme for their Controlled Assessment task. This project follows a clear design process including investigating the design context, development of design proposals, making and testing and evaluation. Past themes to choose from have been wide and varied and have included storage devices, coffee tables, sports or musical accessories and audio amplifiers.

Food Preparation and Nutrition

At KS3 Food is studied as part of the Design Technology rotation in Years 7, 8 and 9. Topics include food safety and hygiene, healthy eating, oven management, bacterial control, vegetarianism, special dietary needs and Nurtrition. There are many food groups covered such as dairy, fruit and vegetables, cake making methods, sauces, cereals and ethnic foods. Dishes made cover a wide range of skills including knife skills, safe use of cooker, weighing and measuring, roux sauce and all cake making methods. Recipes are often adapted to suit and are as follows:-

  • Year 7 Fruit Salad, Flapjacks, Vegetable soup, and Pizza
  • Year 8 Savoury Scones, Jam Tarts and Pasta Bake
  • Year 9 Swiss Roll, Sausage Rolls, Curry and Stir Fry

At KS4 we offer Eduqas Food Preparation and Nutrition. This specification has been designed to provide innovative delivery, whilst creating a balance between practical and theoretical knowledge and understanding. The qualification consists of two components, the first worth 50% consists of six topics including; ‘Food commodities’, ‘Principles of nutrition’, ‘Diet and good health’, ‘The science of food’, ‘Where food comes from’ alongside ‘Cooking and food preparation’. The second component worth 50% involves a ‘Food Investigation’ and a ‘Food Preparation Assessment’. To meet the needs and interest of budding chefs, our preparation assignment offers students a choice of practical briefs to enable them to showcase their culinary skills.


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